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X Cycle Trim on A Road Glide


Road Glide Fairing Trim

X-Cycle Trim is an aftermarket replacement for the stock trim that comes on Harley Davidson motorcycles. The stock trim on Road Glides has a tendency to fall off the fairing, because their trim sucks and ours is better. – View Our Trim Kits Here!

Replacement Motorcycle Trim

X-Trim is a proven solution to the problems with Road Glide fairing trim. X-Trim is made from Neoprene rubber, it’s glueless and resistant to the elements, it’s thicker and more durable than the stock Road Glide trim. – View Our Trim Kits Here!

Installing Your Motorcycle Trim

Installing X-Trim couldn’t be easier. There is no adhesive or special tools needed. Our cycle trim comes prepackaged at the exact length to fit your Road Glide windshield or fairing. Plus shipping is free within the continental United States. – View Our Trim Kits Here!